Peachtree County, Georgia, is asking for more than $1 million for its own pest control systems, but some lawmakers aren’t sure how to pay for the work.

State Rep. Michael McRae, R-Tallahassee, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he wants the county to have the same systems used by other county commissioners to manage pest infestations.

“The idea is that you can have multiple counties in the state, but if you don’t have them in the same system, they have to deal with a single pest,” McRae said.

He said that county commissioners in Georgia’s other 10 states can’t use their own pest systems.

“So if we want to go to a county where they have the systems, they can’t have it.

It’s not appropriate,” McTae said.

In fact, Georgia doesn’t have any county commissioners.

McRai said he’s planning to introduce legislation next year that would allow the state to have a separate system for the pest control services it receives.

McTae also wants to require the county commissioners who administer the pest systems to receive training from the Georgia Department of Health and Human Services.

McRae told the AJC that he’s concerned that counties like Peachtrees and Augusta don’t do enough to ensure the public safety, such as ensuring that county workers know the proper precautions for handling and treating a potentially dangerous pest.

“I think that’s an important aspect of a state that’s one of the most diverse in the country,” McCae said of the state’s population of more than 10 million.