A new pest-control system could cut costs for Manitoba farmers, as well as taxpayers, by saving them $4.2 million.

The province is now looking to the Federal government for help to bring in the new pest management system.

The cost of the system is expected to come in at more than $4 billion over the next 20 years.

The plan would replace all of Manitoba’s pest control systems.

The new system would be much cheaper than current systems, said Ken St-Laurent, executive director of the Manitoba Farm Bureau.

He says Manitoba’s new system is the most efficient of all the current systems in the province.

The pest control costs are going down over time, he said.

The system could be in place by the end of the decade.

The provincial government hopes to bring the system to a final approval in 2019.

That means the new system could become law before the end the federal election.

That would give farmers an opportunity to put in place the system in time to save money.

The state-owned company is also looking to Ottawa to pay the costs.

The Manitoba Farm Industries Association is trying to raise $1.8 million for the project.

It’s an ambitious effort, with more than 700 farmers in the region participating.

The association says it hopes to complete the project by 2020.

It is currently funding a pilot project in Manitoba’s rural west.

It also hopes to begin building a full-fledged system in 2018.

St-Leurent says the system could cost about $1 million per hectare, which would allow the province to save $500 million annually in pest control expenses.

He estimates that it could cost the province $6.4 million per year to operate.