I made spaghetti squash pesto last week and it was sooo good!

I know how much spaghetti squash can taste like.

But, it is really creamy and delicious!

I’m going to share with you how I made my pesto, but first I want to talk about why I like pesto so much.

I used to love pesto.

It is my go-to pesto!

When I was growing up, I always made pesto because I had a lot of pasta sauce recipes on my list.

When I saw a pesto recipe on Pinterest, I was hooked.

I have since found a number of recipes online that I love!

I just can’t believe how good pesto is.

I use it for spaghetti, risotto, pasta sauces, and pasta salad dishes.

I love the pesto flavor, which is perfect for a vegan dish like spaghetti squash, as it has no added oils or butter.

You can use it in pizza crusts, pasta dishes, and more!

If you have a large bowl or bowl that has a lot to do with pesto (like spaghetti squash), you could use some pesto instead of ricotta.

The ricotta is very delicious and is the perfect complement to the pasta sauce.

But I have also used it in pasta dishes with cauliflower.

I really like this pesto pesto that you can use in pasta salads.

You could also use it as a base for pasta soups, salads, pizza crust, and other pesto recipes.

You will never go wrong with pestos like this!

You can also make pesto from scratch with my recipe for pesto with garlic.

I also made pestos last week using a combination of ricotto and pesto to make my pestos creamy and creamy-tasting.

I made these pesto noodles and they were a hit!

I have been enjoying this pestos for months, so it was a great addition to my pestano salad.

I am going to add these pestos to my next pasta dish because they are just so good!

The best part?

You can always use fresh pesto if you want!

I can see myself making these pestano noodles again and again!

It is so delicious and I think it will be a staple in my pantry for a long time to come.

I also think they are a great accompaniment to spaghetti squash!

I used to use pesto in spaghetti sauce, but my mother always used tomato sauce, so I decided to use a pestato pesto for this pestino sauce.

The pesto made it so good that I just made a pestos in tomato sauce to share!

Here is what I used for the pestano pesto:I am really happy with the pestos.

They are creamy and tasty!

I am always looking for more pesto dishes to make.

I would love to hear what you guys would make with these pestoro pesto lasagna noodles.

I will be making more of these pestato noodles and making pesto-inspired pasta dishes for dinner!

I hope you all enjoy!

And, if you love this recipe, you might like my new recipe for spaghetti cauliflower pesto or my pestato pasta.

I hope to have more pestos recipes soon!

Thanks for stopping by!