Chicken bakés are one of the most popular meals on the dinner table, but they’re not always the best option for keeping pests at bay.

With pesto coming in a variety of flavors and styles, the answer is to get creative. 

First up, here’s a recipe for pesto bakée with pesto and avocado.

The pesto sauce is made with garlic, oregano, and rosemary and the chicken is tossed with the sauce, then grilled and topped with avocado. 

The pestos also have a creamy base that coats the chicken, but the chicken bacé is also packed with flavor, with a sweet, creamy avocado sauce, and a salty, garlic-infused sauce. 

You can use a traditional pesto or a sauce made from a combination of fresh basil, garlic, and oreganos, or you can use pesto that’s made from fresh basil and garlic.

To keep pesto from sticking, add a splash of fresh lemon juice to the pesto. 

For this pesto recipe, I used the garlic- and orehamen-infusion recipe for a sauce that adds just the right kick.

To make it healthier, you can add just a few drops of olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper. 

I hope you enjoy the pestos as much as I do.

Get the pestonemayor recipe for the pestoni bakè here.