Chicken, pasta, pesto!

Those are the three ingredients you need to get your hands on, but now you can get those ingredients in one dish.

Pho, the Korean noodle soup popular around the world, is a staple of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cuisine, but it can be a little challenging to find.

This recipe is perfect for pho fans who love the taste of authentic Asian noodles and are craving something delicious without the mess.

This pho dish is made with chicken, corn, and veggies, and is made without cornstarch, sugar, or gluten.

The rice and beans are served with a creamy sauce that adds a great texture to the dish.

You can use either white rice or brown rice.

You will also want to make a salad dressing to top this dish.

We recommend using a small amount of chicken, as the amount of broth used in this recipe will affect the texture of the rice.

Recipe Notes You will need a food processor to make this dish, and some paper towels for cutting up the veggies.

To make this recipe vegan, use almond milk instead of coconut milk or almond butter.

Recipe Video Recipe Notes The ingredients for this dish will vary depending on your budget, but you can make this pho noodle dish at home with a small batch of rice and veggies for $6.00.

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