In this video tutorial, we’ll teach you how to make the classic pesto dish, pesto with pesto pasta, and a few other pasta dishes from the pesto world. 

Here’s how it works:1.

Prepare a large pot of water to boil2.

Place pesto noodles in the water and cook for 2 minutes3.

Remove the noodles from the waterand place them in a food processor or blender and process for a few seconds4.

Add the pestolone and water to the water5.

Process until the pestos are very well mixed and the water is almost clear6.

Add a small amount of olive oil to the mixture, along with a few sprigs of parsley7.

Process on high until the mixture is smooth and fluffy8.

Add some cheese and continue to process until the cheese melts and is cooked9.

Remove from the heat and add some salt and pepper to taste10.

Serve with some fresh basil or basil pesto on top. 

Note: If you want to save some time, you can skip the pestononi part and just use pasta.

The pesto is just as good, if not better, without the pestonis.

P.S. We also recommend you give pesto a try.

It’s one of the most flavorful and flavorful pasta dishes you’ll ever make.