A new pest control tool that can be used by homeowners to control fleas, ticks and roaches has been developed by a UK company.

The ‘Flea and Tick Control’ app will be available to all homeowners in England and Wales for the first time in November, according to a spokesperson for the company.

A spokesperson said: ‘The app uses natural products to neutralise fleas in a controlled environment.’

This is a proven, cost-effective, safe, simple and effective pest control system that can reduce and eliminate fleas as they emerge and spread.’

We have seen a huge rise in the number of fleas found in homes over the last year, and this new technology can help reduce these numbers.’

‘Fleas are the most common animal pest and can pose a significant health and environmental threat to the UK.’

In 2017, the Department of Health published guidance to help homeowners prevent fleas from emerging from their homes, and these apps are designed to help them prevent flea infestations and to remove ticks and other pests from the home.’

The app is the product of UK-based developer, Hawkworks, and will be rolled out across the country, according the spokesperson.

The app will also feature an online toolkit for homeowners to help manage fleas by providing detailed advice on how to deal with them, and how to keep their homes free of flea and tick problems.’

The app offers comprehensive advice and a variety of practical and practical tips to help you and your family reduce and eradicate fleas,’ the spokesperson added.

‘In addition to the information and advice on the app itself, the app will include a wealth of information about fleas such as their natural habitats, natural breeding habits, life cycle, reproductive cycles and life stages, and their spread across the UK.’

A spokesperson for Hawkworks told the BBC that it had created the app because it believed that fleas are a ‘common nuisance’.’

It is a problem that is not always understood or understood by the general public and it is a very important issue for our pest management teams to deal and deal well with,’ the company said.

‘The flea problem has gone through a period of development and we are very keen to bring this to the market in order to provide residents with the best of pest management solutions.’

Hawkworks is a small company, and we have had no funding from government funding to develop this product.’

As such, we have taken a unique approach to developing the product.

We have taken an existing, proven pest control app and developed a new one to help people control flea, ticks, roaches and fleas.’

Fleas and tick control was launched in 2009, and the UK’s Ministry of Defence has warned of the problem of the spread of the parasite, which has been estimated to kill more than 10,000 people in Britain each year.

The ‘Fleam & Tick Control app’ will be released in the UK on November 16.