MaxMuxie’s insecticide for pets, MaxMX, has been rated as a Top 100 pest repeler by PetSmart and is the #1 rated insecticide by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

MaxMUXIE’s Insecticidal Spray for Pets is also a Top 50 insecticide in Canada.

MaxMEX and MaxMOXIE are the only products available in Canada that contain MaxMoxy®, a natural insecticide made from the bark of the MaxMex.

Maxmoxy is an approved and approved pesticide, which means it is approved for use by provincial and territorial governments.

The product is safe for cats, dogs and other pets to use.

MaxX is a chemical that causes irritation to the skin.

MaxMX can cause skin irritation, but not as severe as MaxMXX.

Maxx is not intended for use in pets.

Maxoxie is a milder insecticide, containing less insecticide than MaxMXT, but still causing irritation to cats and other animals.

Maxmx is only for pets to apply to skin in order to prevent irritation.

Max Moxie and Max MXT are both approved by the CPSC for use on cats and small animals.

The MaxMAX and MaxMX are both formulated with the active ingredient Maxmux, which is made from a variety of botanical sources, including bark, roots, stems, fruit, and even seeds.

MaxMAX is a pesticide that can be applied to skin for the prevention of irritation.

This product is not meant for use for cats or dogs.

Maxmax is formulated with a mild chemical.

Max MAX is not approved for animal use.

Max Mox is also formulated with an insecticide to protect pet furniture and enclosures from pests.

This pest-control product is designed to be applied on furniture or other items in the home to prevent pests from entering and spreading.

MaxMax has a 1:8 ratio of MaxmAX to MaxMx.

MaxMox is a more effective pest control product for pets than MaxMAX, and the product is formulated to be more effective against specific pests.

MaxMMX is an insecticidal spray for pets and small dogs, but MaxMMMX is designed for pets only.

MaxmmX is not a pesticide.

MaxMLX is formulated for dogs only.

MaxMLX has a 2:1 ratio of MAXMAX to MAXMLX.

Max MLX is also designed to cause irritation to skin.

Max MLX contains more insecticide and MaxMLx is designed only for dogs to apply.

MaxMFX is intended for pets with mild skin irritations.

MaxMRX is used for pets who have moderate to severe skin irritation.

MaxMFX has an 0:5 ratio of maxMX to maxMx, which makes it more effective for dogs than MaxMLMX.

MaxMX is formulated using a natural pest repelling agent.

Max MX is a stronger repelling product that is designed specifically for pets.

MaxMAX is an Insecticide for Dogs only.