A mother of four and the mother of a six-year-old boy who were attacked by a scorpion in Arizona has spoken out about the ordeal.

Mariah Ponder said she was watching her son, Jeremy Ponder, at a park with her husband and their five children when she was attacked by the scorpion.

She was rushed to a hospital and treated for minor injuries.

“Jeremy was really excited to go play with the dogs, and when I came back, he was just lying in the grass and there was this giant scorpion that had its mouth right over his head,” she told ABC News.

“It was really scary.

I was terrified, and I told my husband to get Jeremy to the nearest veterinarian.

He went and got a vet.

They were trying to put Jeremy on IV antibiotics and they were worried because the doctors said that this could potentially lead to death.”

Ponder said her son was taken to the hospital, but she said he died a few days later.

“I was scared to death because I didn’t know if he was going to live or not,” she said.

Jeremy Ponder was treated at a local hospital, and a spokesperson for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital said they are investigating his death.

Jeremy’s parents said they have been devastated by the death of their son.

“We were not expecting this,” said Rachel Ponder.

“We thought he was a happy little boy.

I think he was in love with his mother.

We were all really sad and scared, but we were able to stay together.”

Rachel Ponder has been in the news for several incidents since she told The Washington State Patrol about her son Jeremy’s death in April.

Jeremy was a member of her son’s basketball team, and he and his mother, Rachel, also played basketball together.

“He was such a bright boy, and it was hard to be around him because of how much he loved to play basketball,” Rachel Ponders said.

“As soon as I found out about his death, I just started crying,” Rachel added.

Jeremy, 6, was playing with his mom and other members of the basketball team at the time.

Rachel Pondering said Jeremy was also a dedicated basketball player, and she said Jeremy’s mom, Rachel Pesser, and Jeremy’s father, James Ponder were his best friends.

“She was really nice, always had a smile on her face,” Rachel said.

“She loved her kids so much.

She just did everything for them, and there’s no way that you can live without her.”

Jeremy’s father said Jeremy and his parents are trying to recover from Jeremy’s loss, but he said Jeremy will not be forgotten.

“Our hearts go out to his mom, and we’re going to help him, he’s in the hospital right now,” James Ponder said.

A spokesperson for Phoenix Childrens Hospital said Jeremy Pessers death is under investigation.