The new Sonic repeller and insect repeller will cost $5,000 each and will be offered as a single unit or in a package, said John Schulte, Sonic’s vice president of marketing.

It will be sold on-line for $1,000 to $1.50 per unit, he said.

The repellers will be available for sale in the U.S. by Oct. 31, Schultes said.

Sonics also said it plans to sell a “small-bore” model of its insect repellent called a Sonic Insect Pheromone Detector.

It is a smaller, disposable version of the full-size Sonic Insect repellant, he told

The smaller version will have a much narrower tube to allow for easier installation.

Sonys insect repelling product will not be sold in the United States, Schults said.