The Spinach Pesto is a dish that is made with pasta and is usually used as a main dish.

But the sauce made from pasta is not only delicious but it is also super versatile. 

It can be used to make pesto sauce for tacos, chicken or beef tacos, pasta salad, pasta with spinach and pasta pasta with rice.

Here’s the recipe for the Spinach & Mushroom pesto pesto pasta dish. 

I love to use it to serve with any pasta dish as well.

I usually use the sauce for pasta salad or pasta pasta topped with a tomato sauce or garlic sauce.

I like to add a bit of basil, oregano or oreganol to the pasta sauce to give it a nice bite. 

You can also add some green onions to the pesto. 

This pesto is great for salads, pasta salads, chicken dinners, pasta dishes. 

Be sure to try the Spinacchini & Eggplant pesto recipe. 

 You will definitely love the spinach pesto!