How to plant pest free in the home

If you live in the San Diego area, you’ve probably noticed that the city is pretty green.That means it’s home to plenty of trees, shrubs, flowers, and perennials.But as it turns out, there are some plants that thrive indoors and need to be controlled in order to survive.If you’re looking for some plants to try […]

Georgia county asks for $1.3M for pest control, pest control system

Peachtree County, Georgia, is asking for more than $1 million for its own pest control systems, but some lawmakers aren’t sure how to pay for the work.State Rep. Michael McRae, R-Tallahassee, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he wants the county to have the same systems used by other county commissioners to manage pest infestations.“The idea […]

Which pest control is better?

Rose is the most common pest in the United States.It’s found throughout the country, and it’s spread through human-to-human transmission.Rose can be controlled with a combination of pesticides and sprays, as well as through the use of disinfectant wipes and insect repellents.Rose has been linked to a number of diseases and fatalities, including heart attacks, […]

When was the last time you heard of the name Colonial Pest Control?

I know you have no idea what the hell this is. You’re just as confused as I am. There are a lot of people out there who don’t know what this is, and even more who do.There’s no denying the power of a colony, and they’re the first ones to die.The colony can’t grow back from a […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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