Steves pest control service, pesto bread, opens for business

The Steves family-owned pest control business is opening for business on Sunday.Owner, Steve Steves, has been in the pest control industry for almost 50 years and says the opportunity is great.“We have had great support from our local pest control company, as well as the Australian Government,” he said.“The Government of Australia has backed us […]

A new Texas state law will allow farmers to charge consumers for pest control services

A new law in Texas allows farmers to use the money they receive from their customers for pest prevention services, and that could mean the end of the “gut-pest tax” that farmers have been charging for decades.The new law, passed in the state House of Representatives, also allows a consumer to opt out of paying […]

How to deal with the tomatoes that’re invading your garden

How do you deal with tomatoes invading your yard?How do they make you want to throw up and eat your vegetables?This post explores how to deal.1.Cut back on the peppers, garlic and other spices.These peppers, which are often the first fruits eaten by people on the planet, are the perfect weapon against tomato pests.The more […]

How to make a pesto chicken baké from scratch

Chicken bakés are one of the most popular meals on the dinner table, but they’re not always the best option for keeping pests at bay.With pesto coming in a variety of flavors and styles, the answer is to get creative. First up, here’s a recipe for pesto bakée with pesto and avocado.The pesto sauce is made […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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