You may know the old saying “it ain’t over till it’s over,” but pest control professionals have no such illusions.

There are still pests in the Houston area.

The new pest movie “The pest movie” stars Jennifer Lawrence as a pest control worker who is trapped in a haunted mansion by a creature from the movie “Porky’s.”

She is rescued by the brave pest exterminator, the late John “Buddy” Steed, who has to fight a new type of pest called a “pest.”

The film opens with Buddy rescuing an elderly couple trapped in their mansion and then getting trapped in the mansion with his own pest.

The couple’s old cat, Bunny, is a victim of the new “pesticide,” the “pooch.”

The old cat is trapped because it is so cute.

Bunny’s owner is worried about the new pest and, as Buddy helps her put the cats “soul to work” she gets involved in the battle against the “new pest.”

It turns out Buddy is a little bit of a pest.

He is obsessed with the scent of a cat and is obsessed about killing his own cats.

The film follows Buddy’s quest to save the cats from a new “evil” that has been unleashed.

Watch it below.

This movie is set in Houston.

The movie is a sequel to “Piggy Back,” which starred Channing Tatum and starred Chris Pratt.

You can check out the trailer for “The Piggy Back” here.