Canada has been the top producer of avocado pestos in the world, but the company that makes them says that’s changing.

A company in Ontario, Avocado Farms Inc., says its production of the pesto has been declining since 2011.

Its pesto is now only produced in Chile, Mexico, Ecuador and Nicaragua, and it says its pesto supply chain is changing.

“We are trying to make sure that we’re producing it in a way that is consistent with our supply chain,” said Doug Beavers, Avocados CEO.

He says the company has started to ramp up production in Nicaragua.

“I can’t speak for the other countries, but we have been working very hard to get this right,” said Beavers.

The company says its avocado pestoments are a “natural source of pesto” that are produced by an all-natural plant that is grown in Mexico, and they are not imported.

“The pesto itself is not an artificial substance, it’s not made with artificial ingredients, and is 100 per cent naturally occurring,” said the company’s website.

“So, we don’t use any chemicals or artificial ingredients that would otherwise be used in our pesto.”

Avocado Farms says it also does not use any synthetic preservatives, such as parabens or hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, which have been linked to health problems.

“If anything is added to the pestos we are completely aware of that and we don`t use it in any way that’s unsafe for the consumer,” said its website.

The pestos are made by a plant that grows in Costa Rica, but Beavers says they are made in Mexico by a company called La Canaria.

La Canaria is the only company to produce pesto in Canada.

Its products are made with the pestinol and citric acid from an avocado plant, and the company says it is not involved in the production of its pestos.

La Paz says it does not sell its pestins to any other companies, but does sell them to other businesses.

La canaria has been operating in Canada for about 20 years, but in recent years it has become more and more active in Canada, Beavers said.

“This is a huge industry in Canada and we’re trying to help it thrive.”

Avocados has been growing in popularity in Canada as a result of its mild and delicious taste.

It is often served with fresh-squeezed juices or as a salad.

The company says the pesta is especially popular with vegetarians.