You’ve seen them on your balcony, on your window, on the lawn.

Now they’re all over your garden.

Pest control expert Mark Hurd says there are many ways to tackle the problem, but the best way is to look out for cockroach infestations.

“There are many types of cockroach,” he says.

“There are the large ones which you would call very big, like the ones which we’ve seen, and the smaller ones which are the smaller cockroaches which are quite small.”

Hurd says you can help by looking out for them.

“If you have some sort of insecticide in your area, if you have an infestation of the cockroach, then that will help you to fight back,” he said.

“And if you get a couple of them in your yard, that is also a good thing to do.”

If you see a cockroach bite in your home or garden, you can contact the Department of Primary Industries, Food and Consumer Services (DPIFS) on 1800 000 000, or call the pest control line on 1800 778 454.

This story was originally published on March 11, 2020.