A new pest control company has been set up by the RTA in Co Wicklow, Co Wickliffe.

The company, RTE Pest Control Services, was formed by the Department of Health to provide pest control services to the public and commercial businesses in the area.

It is managed by the company, the RTC, which is owned by the Government.

RTE was established in 2011 and has grown to serve around 150 commercial establishments.

The RTC is run by a retired Garda from Clondalkin, Sean McGlynn.

The pest control work is funded by the Revenue Commissioners’ office.

RTC has a contract with the Department for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (DAFRA) for the pest control of the city, which covers the whole of the City of Cork, from the North side of the Connemara River to the south side.

The area around the river is managed in partnership with the Dublin City Council, which administers the area through a regional planning authority, the Urban Planning Agency.

The city of Cork has a population of around 1.8 million.

In 2017, the City Council decided to stop issuing pest control licences to companies in the City.

The decision was made in order to reduce the number of people relying on pest control companies for pest control, said the City’s Environment and Urban Services Director, Joe Murphy.

In the event that the pest management companies were not in compliance with the council’s decision, the company would be closed.

The City Council will continue to operate as usual and provide pest management services to residents, businesses and residents in the city.

Mr Murphy said that as the council does not have an active pest control business in the county, the decision was not taken lightly.

The majority of the businesses in Cork are small and local.

The closure of pest control would have an impact on Cork and its businesses, said Mr Murphy.

The new company will operate in conjunction with RTE, the pest reduction unit of the Government, and will employ about 150 staff.

The department is looking to expand to other areas of the county and to other towns and cities in the province.