The Australian Financial Report, published on Monday, has revealed that the state’s northern half is now the most dangerous for barrier pest eradication in the world.

The top 10 most dangerous places to have a barrier pest are in Queensland, with Brisbane ranked number 1 and the Gold Coast and Brisbane City at number 3.

It comes after the NSW Department of Primary Industries released its annual national survey, which found that more than 60 per cent of NSW residents were aware of the risk of barrier pests, which are usually introduced in gardens.

The NSW Department said the survey showed that around half of NSW households were aware that the problem of barrier pest disease was increasing.

“These results show the importance of building resilience and understanding the impact barrier pest is having on Australia,” said the department’s Chief Executive Officer, Tony Balfour.

“It’s not just that barrier pests are a problem, it’s that they’re a health threat to Australia.”

The NSW Government also released a white paper on the threat of barrier insecticide-treated bed nets and the need for barrier control in NSW.