I know you have no idea what the hell this is. 

You’re just as confused as I am. 

There are a lot of people out there who don’t know what this is, and even more who do.

There’s no denying the power of a colony, and they’re the first ones to die.

The colony can’t grow back from a colony of the same species, but the colonies of different species can, and the colony of humans can survive in the environment without any protection from them.

In most cases, the colony will survive, but if the colony does die, what happens to the rest of the population?

Is it all wiped out?

What happens to humans and non-humans that are still around? 

The answer to all of these questions is a little complicated. 

 The colonies of humans and of non-human animals will go extinct in a colony without any humans left.

Humans are in control of the colony and nonhuman animals are on their own.

 The human colony will die and the nonhuman animal colony will thrive, because the humans were the ones who killed the non-Human.

A colony that survived a catastrophic event will not die, because a catastrophic events is what happens when humans and animals are in a symbiotic relationship.

The human colony, the human colony and the human animal colony all have a single purpose.

To survive.

So, if the humans die, the nonhumans will continue to live.

The nonhuman colonies will continue on.

Humans will live.

Nonhumans will live without humans.

Humans may not live.

Humans and nonhumans have a symbiosis.

Humans love animals, and noncreatures love humans.

But humans have evolved to thrive in the new environment of a symbiote colony, because that’s what’s best for them.

The humans have not evolved to survive in this new environment, and humans will not survive in it.

This symbiotic system will survive for at least some time.

In fact, it’s so successful that the colony that survives will not disappear until the next time the human-animal colony dies. 

This symbiosis will last for as long as humans and other animals are together.

If there are no humans left, then humans and the animals will continue living together.

But if there are still humans, then the animals are not going to die of starvation or lack of food.

The animals have the food.

And that food is what sustains the colony.

As the human and the animal colonies evolve, the relationship between humans and their nonhuman hosts will change. 

The nonhuman species will grow more powerful, and more powerful people will become interested in the species that they once ruled.

Humans who rule over humans will have a stronger interest in the nonliving species.

Humans, who rule the nonlife, will have less interest in humans. 

In this symbiosis, the humans will become more powerful and more dangerous.

Because humans have become so powerful, they are no longer the masters of the noncreature species, and it is the nonanimals who are the masters now. 

When the colony dies, the animals become the masters, because their energy is the fuel that powers the colony, their own power.

The colonies of nonhuman people will eventually be destroyed.

Humans die, and their energy goes to the animals.

Humans no longer rule over nonhumans.

There are also some people who are worried about the potential for human-caused extinction.

But they’re probably wrong about the situation.

I hope this clears up some of your questions.