The mosquito-borne virus that has devastated the world’s poorest nations has begun to spread in the Americas.

That means that even if the pandemic ends soon, the economic impact of the virus could be far worse than we thought.

The Global Health Security Initiative at the University of Chicago says the spread of the pandemics could result in billions of dollars in lost economic output.

The first two cases of Zika have already been reported in the United States.

And the virus has been found in Brazil and Colombia.

Zika was first isolated in 1976 in the Dominican Republic, and it spread to Brazil, the U.S., and other countries by late March.

It’s still unclear when Zika will reach the United Kingdom, but a study published in this month’s journal Molecular Psychiatry suggests that the virus may have arrived in the UK by now.

The researchers say that the strain of Zika that they analyzed, ZIKV-1, was also found in the U