The top 10 most dog-friendly countries for pet owners are the same as the top 10 dog-safe countries.

That means if you own two dogs and live in one of these countries, you should adopt one of the dog-free ones.

Here are the top ten dog-loving countries: India : India, Bangladesh, India, Bhutan, India The top three countries on the list.

It’s no surprise that India is a dog- and cat-friendly country.

The country has the highest percentage of dog owners, at 86.7%.

Dog lovers in India are often criticized for having too many dogs, but this is largely a matter of temperament, not breed.

Dogs are not always friendly, and you should be wary of people who have them.

India is also a dog country, and it has the second-highest percentage of dogs of any country in the world after the United States, with 70.6%.

It also has a dog population that is more dog-savvy than the US (22.9%), China (17.1%) and Japan (17%), according to the Global Dog Partnership.

It has one of Europe’s highest dog-population densities.

The number of dog-related fatalities in India has been steadily rising over the years, from 5,904 in 2009 to 6,636 in 2016.

India has a large number of stray dogs and is also home to the most dog breed-specific legislation, including the law on “puppies” and “rescues” (known as the “Dogs and Cats Protection Act”).

Dog owners in India should also take note that dog-ownership is not necessarily a requirement for owning a pet.

In fact, most dog owners choose to leave their pets behind, whether because of a desire to keep them for family or because they simply prefer a quieter home.

China is one of China’s most dog friendly countries, with a dog percentage of 89.9% and a dog density of 2,914.

In 2018, China enacted a new law that allows owners to keep their dogs for up to three years without restrictions.

Dog owners should not feel forced to take their pets with them, though.

China’s pet law is much stricter than the United Kingdom’s, and dogs in China are not considered “domestic animals” under the new law.

The law also prohibits owning more than one dog.

Japan is the only country in Asia to ban the ownership of dogs by both male and female owners.

In Japan, it is illegal to own more than two dogs, and if you do, you must be a member of a club or association that is willing to adopt a dog.

In 2017, a law that was passed in 2015 made it a criminal offense for anyone to own a dog in Japan.

Japan also has strict dog-control policies, but owners are free to keep a pet if it is not a dog or cat.

India and Bhutan are the two most dog free countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

In India, dog ownership is legal, but it is also somewhat of a rarity.

In Bhutan , you can only keep a dog if it belongs to a registered breeder.

There are many people who believe that keeping a dog is an important part of the cultural fabric of the country.

It is not uncommon for pet ownership to be restricted in countries with a low percentage of pet ownership.

In countries like the United Arab Emirates , people are more likely to keep dogs than cats.

In Singapore , the average pet ownership rate is about 40%.

India is one the world’s most pet-friendly cities.

Top 10 dog friendly cities in Asia by dog owner percentage: Bhutan : 85.7% India : 80.6% Japan : 78.1% China : 77.1 % India : 75.6 % United Arab Emirates : 75% China (China) : 73.6 percent Singapore : 72.4% The Netherlands : 71.6%: China (South Korea) : 71% Indonesia : 71%: United Arab Arab Emirates : 70.4%: Singapore : 70% Australia : 70%.

Malaysia : 70%: Thailand : 70%, Malaysia : 67.3% United Kingdom : 66.3%: United States : 66%.

Singapore : 65.8%: China : 65% Singapore : 64.7%: India : 63.7%, India : 62.9%: Indonesia : 62%: Thailand: 62%: United Kingdom: 61.5%: China: 61%.

Thailand : 61.3%.

Philippines : 60.9%.

Top ten dog friendly dog-caring countries in Asia, according to pet owners’ percentage: India : India , Bangladesh , Bangladesh, Bhuta , India India : Japan , China , Bhutan United Arab Emirs : United Arab Khalifas : United Kingdom , Australia , New Zealand , Indonesia Singapore : Philippines , Hong Kong , Thailand Malaysia : Thailand , Indonesia Philippines : Philippines India : Thailand Philippines : Thailand Thailand , Philippines Thailand : Thailand Singapore : Thailand Top