The most common pests found in homes are the black widow, spider mites, ticks and mites.

If you have an infestation, you should take action to combat them before they become a serious problem.

These are the five most common bugs found in home environments and they can be eradicated.1.

Black widow spider miteThe black widow spider is the most common black widow species found in the US.

It lives in homes, gardens and other small spaces.

Black widows can be a nuisance and should be dealt with as a pest.

However, the best time to remove the mites is between late March and early May.2.

TicksBlack widow spiders are the most popular type of black widow.

They feed on human blood and are the only type of spider that has been proven to cause an allergic reaction.

It is a common house pest, but can be removed by spraying with an insecticide.3.

MitesBlack widow mites are tiny black flies that are found in many homes.

They can be hard to spot, especially if they are flying through the air or moving quickly.

They are a common pest in gardens, and they are not harmful to humans.4.

Tick mitesTicks are small to medium-sized spiders that can be found in all types of homes.

Ticking mites can be difficult to find in a home because they are usually located on the ceiling or wall.

The easiest way to eliminate a tick is by using a hand-held pest control product that kills the ticks.5.

Mite infestationBlack widow and mite infestations are often caused by one or more of these three types of pests.

Most infestants are attracted to the white dust or mite residue on the walls and ceilings, but the majority of infestions are caused by the black widows.