Common household pests like roaches, mice, and ticks have long been blamed for causing food poisoning in the United States, but these diseases are often hard to diagnose.

But that may soon change. 

A team of scientists at Cornell University has discovered that a simple addition of fresh pesto into a typical pizza, pasta, or rice dish can significantly reduce the amount of toxins and allergens found in the food. 

According to the team, adding the pesto to a regular pasta or pizza reduces levels of 13 common household pests by almost 70%.

The team says that this is “a very significant achievement” for the field of pesto nutrition research. 

“The study’s results suggest that pesto may be a viable alternative to allergens and toxins for food allergies,” the researchers wrote.

“We hope this study can inform the field as it develops a way to use pesto as an alternative to food allergens.” 

Pesto has a long history of making it onto the menu of some fast-food chains, and it’s now becoming a staple of the American diet, too.

The US is the largest consumer of pestos in the world, with the country’s total consumption of pestoses growing from 6 million pounds in 2014 to over 10 million pounds today. 

The researchers say that adding pesto directly to food to reduce toxin levels could have significant benefits for the general population. 

Foodborne illnesses and allergies can cause severe illness and disability in the elderly, people with chronic conditions, and people who eat the foods eaten by others. 

This study was published in the journal PLOS ONE.